[Tera] Third time’s a charm…or not

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Earlier this afternoon I finally deleted Tera. I really, and I want to emphasize REALLY, tried to get into this game. I thought the combat was awesome and all my friends are playing. Those two things should have been enough to at least get me to try it for 30 days. Alas its not to be.

The game just didn’t grab me the way it seems to be for everyone else. I want to make it perfectly clear I didn’t get that far in the game and so my experience is based primarily on first impressions. Or rather third impressions. I know that I’ll probably get flack for it and that’s ok but to me first impressions are important. Unfortunately Tera just didn’t make a very good one even with their revamped starting experience that tells you some of the story. It just didn’t feel like enough especially after you head to the actual starting zone and the questing turns into your usual MMO get x gather y talk to z. At the very least I can say that drop rates seem to be an non issue so thankfully you aren’t grinding mobs. Other than that its very dry and boring. It’s also very linear with you following a set path. I’m told that once you get out of the starting area that changes but seeing as I got bored I can’t comment on that.

Combat is fun. I’ll give Tera that much. I played an Archer and I really enjoyed shooting arrows at things and watching them hit the dirt before they could hit me. Later on as your skills increase you can create combo skill chains and I found that to be a nice little touch. I’m pretty sure had I gotten to the beta level cap I would have an interesting arsenal of skills at my disposal that I could chain together to become a deadly Archer fighting machine.

There were some other nice little features thrown in as well. Such as a listing of all the guilds on your server and being able to apply in game to a guild you might find interesting. I also like the bonus crystals you can use on your armor or weapon to enhance your character based on your play style and that these crystals don’t get destroyed when getting new armor. Also another really cool thing was being able to gather anything as long as my skill allowed and successful gathering gave you a beneficial buff.

For me combat is really all Tera has going for it. With the amount of free to play games on the market and not to mention 2 other MMOs on the horizon I feel that I am at the point where I can be a bit shrewd when it comes to spending my MMO money. I wish I liked Tera because it would mean being able to play with my friends again but I guess its just not to be.

{also if you delete your game make sure you move your screenshots >.< those get wiped with the uninstall.}