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GW2: To Raid or Not to Raid that is the question

  On November 14th 2010 I became a Kingslayer. It was by far one of the best experiences I’ve had in my MMO gaming history. It’s still hard to put into words the way it felt to see the final cut scene of the expansion play out after having spent hours trying to kill Arthas. Raiding was something I enjoyed in World of Warcraft. So much so that I returned to WoW after a year break just so I could raid again and yet when they announced raiding as new content in Guild Wars 2 I was dismayed. And it is that feeling of dismay and nagging that continues weeks after the announcement and as we get closer to launch. You see the problem is I’m what you call casual. At this moment I doContinue reading

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GW2: 10 days and counting

Well this is unexpected. I totally lost track of time and as of my writing out this post we have 10 days and 14 hours give or take until Heart of Thorns releases. I’m going by the fact that they’ll release at midnight PST just like when the game released so my time might be slightly off. Either way I have my work cut out for me. One thing I do know for sure, and I’ve been saying it a lot lately, there just isn’t enough time in the day. The Alt Choice I still haven’t decided which alt to take to 80. After beta weekend 1 I was pretty sure I would be doing a Gaurdian/Dragonhunter alt. I even made a Norn Gaurdian because I thought it fit the theme and their heavy culturalContinue reading

Guild Wars 2

GW2: Prepping For Beta

This is it everyone, our last beta until Heart of Thorns release. When GW2 launched we had a few stress tests but I don’t think that will happen this time around. So with that in mind here are a few things that I’m planning on doing to prepare. Also keep in mind any beta characters you have and all their progress from pervious beta weekends will be wiped. 1. Move any account bound gear to my bank. This way when they make a copy of my account all that gear will be there for my beta characters. 2. I won’t have much time to play so I want to make sure I know which classes are the most important for me to test. Right now that’s going to be my necro and the engi. 3.Continue reading

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GW2: The Legendary Dilemma

Two years ago I decided it was time to focus on getting my legendary weapon. I had 2 character at 80, I finished the personal story, and both where fully geared in exotics. With that I figured  crafting my legendary was the next logical step in my progression. I looked at all the different weapons and settled on Bolt as it was the only one I liked the look of that a character I had could use. So I set to work. I finished map completion which back then included WvW. I got all 77 of my mystic clovers. I got all the currency tokens I need. I even started farming T6 mats. I had heard getting the precursor was probably the hardest part. “The Mystic Toilet is not forgiving,” they said. But I wasContinue reading

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All the shinies!!!!

  In the grand scheme of things I’m not really worth much in Guild Wars 2.  Thanks to GW2 Efficiency I know just how much my 3 years of casual play has earned me.  One of my goals before the launch of Heart of Thorns is getting to 500 gold. For some this may seem easy but for me it’s a struggle. Let’s just take a moment to realize there is someone in Guild Wars 2 sitting around with 200k gold and I’m at about 388 gold and that’s from 3 years of playing. It’s also the most gold I’ve ever had in game at one time. There are many ways to earn gold in Guild Wars 2 and a lot of those ways involve farming of some sort. While I have done champ andContinue reading

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Guild Wars 2

30 Days to Go!

  What are you standing around for bookah?!!! We only have 30 more days until we head into the heart of the Maguuma Jungle. Questions will hopefully be answered, riches will hopefully be had by all, and great adventures await. So stop standing around and get your booty in gear. As we head into the final days it’s time I start organizing and checking off items on my check list. With any MMO expansion there are things we all like to do before we venture for. Such as stockpile on supplies and save up some gold. I figured I would share those things with you and hopefully help you make your own check list at the same time. So here we go.  Finish my ascended gear for my necromancer. While I know armor doesn’t giveContinue reading

The Sims 4

Create -a- Sim Madness

I’m having far to much fun in the Create a Sim demo. I know that this is just a sample of what should be available in the game at release but I can’t help but keep making sims. I’ll go back and edit them later but for now these are a few of the sims I hope to make townies when the game is released.

Guild Wars 2

GW2: Living Story Season 1 Wrap Up

  My friend Pete from Dragoncashers asked for a run down of the season 1 living story over on Twitter. Who am I to deny a man some lore? Take a seat while I wrap up the story so you too can get ready for season 2. (disclaimer: some events might be mixed up or entirely left out if you want the real deal check the wiki but it won’t be as funny.) It all started on a cold winter day. The Norn & Charr in some invisible interdimension between Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau were being attacked by some new fangled cult. It took months, literally months, for them to get their shit together and finally move on to Lion’s arch and find refuge with the Consortium. During that time we teamed up with RoxContinue reading

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No Story Progression In TS4

No Story Progression In TS4 sims4news: Graham Nardone has confirmed that, “If you want unplayed families to continue beyond their current generation, you’ll need to try for a baby with them or play as them.” Families will no longer spontaneously move away, form relationships, get promotions, or have children. When… This is starting to really feel like Sims 4 is the game they wanted to make after Sims 2. I could deal with no toddlers, pools, and even CASt but no story progression outside of sims aging is a huge step back to me. Right now my only hope is maybe there is a way and someone who can mod the game so that we can get Sims 3 style story progression. Sigh I was really looking forward to this game and now I don’tContinue reading