The Sims 4

Create -a- Sim Madness

I’m having far to much fun in the Create a Sim demo. I know that this is just a sample of what should be available in the game at release but I can’t help but keep making sims. I’ll go back and edit them later but for now these are a few of the sims I hope to make townies when the game is released.

Guild Wars 2

GW2: Living Story Season 1 Wrap Up

  My friend Pete from Dragoncashers asked for a run down of the season 1 living story over on Twitter. Who am I to deny a man some lore? Take a seat while I wrap up the story so you too can get ready for season 2. (disclaimer: some events might be mixed up or entirely left out if you want the real deal check the wiki but it won’t be as funny.) It all started on a cold winter day. The Norn & Charr in some invisible interdimension between Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau were being attacked by some new fangled cult. It took months, literally months, for them to get their shit together and finally move on to Lion’s arch and find refuge with the Consortium. During that time we teamed up with RoxContinue reading

The Sims 4

No Story Progression In TS4

No Story Progression In TS4 sims4news: Graham Nardone has confirmed that, “If you want unplayed families to continue beyond their current generation, you’ll need to try for a baby with them or play as them.” Families will no longer spontaneously move away, form relationships, get promotions, or have children. When… This is starting to really feel like Sims 4 is the game they wanted to make after Sims 2. I could deal with no toddlers, pools, and even CASt but no story progression outside of sims aging is a huge step back to me. Right now my only hope is maybe there is a way and someone who can mod the game so that we can get Sims 3 style story progression. Sigh I was really looking forward to this game and now I don’tContinue reading

Mass Effect

I got a little nostalgic and started playing Mass Effect again. Meet Ezri Shepard. Her family has a long history of military service. Both of her parents are in the Alliance and she’s spent most of her life aboard space ships and on stations. Following in her parents footsteps she decided to become a solider. Ezri is very close to her mother but sadly her relationship with her father is strained. If pressed to discuss why she joined the military she’ll tell you its complicated and leave it at that. Ezri is a very private person and prides herself on duty and honor. Her fellow officers know her to be loyal, hard working, and dedicated. Some might even say she takes her job too seriously but that’s perfectly ok with her. 

Guild Wars 2

Tumblr Reblog – Stop and smell the roses

arani101: One day, two daring adventurers set out on a dangerous, painstaking quest: to walk the map of GW2 We started in Blazeridge, unsure of what we would face on the road. Our destination: Dawside Quary in Rata Sum. We agreed to not use asura gates or waypoints. We walked the entire way, never running unless in the heat of combat. It was amazing to see the scenery and the roads were nice. I had almost forgotten the beauty of GW2. Walking the way reminded me of that. It took us 3 hours, 18 minutes, and 38 seconds to reach our destination. But once we had, we were very proud that we had completed this quest. History will remember the hero’s that walked to victory. (Did this with my good friend Dashie, aka Akitla: reading

All The Things!!!!

serisaurusrawr: Lion Turtles and the elements they entrusted to Avatar Wan. In the era before the Avatar, we bent not the elements, but the energy within ourselves.   Hands down one of the best episodes of the Korra series.

Guild Wars 2

KR is Looking for More!

Can you run in a vaguely straight line no matter what horrors are in your path? Mash your keyboard with the best of them? Then maybe you have what it takes to die repeatedly with Kamikaze Runners. Clothing optional. Here are a few additional details to sum up our little crew: *We are PvE-focused guild on Sanctum of Rall *We have instance runs and guild activities scheduled every Saturday. *We use Mumble voice chat for group events. *We are an alt-friendly guild that enjoys running dynamic events together. If you have any questions, please stop by our website and visit our Prospects forum to view our FAQ thread. And if you think KR sounds like a good fit for you, please contact one of us for an invite: girlvsmmo.4631 Lethe.1930 Packetloss.8651 Tinkster.6183